Raw updates from the protest action at Zografous campus

Athens Polytechnic School: Raw updates from the protest action at Zografou campus
15–21 April 2013: Decentralized action week of international solidarity with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station

Since the morning of April 15th, comrades are gathered at Zografou campus in Athens in factual support of Indymedia Athens, which is currently transmitting from temporary addresses via tor, and Radiozones of Subversive Expression 98FM, which is currently broadcasting only on the radio (at 93.8FM).

– Protesters occupied administration offices in the Polytechnic campus in the district of Zografou, while the rector himself (Simos Simopoulos, who cut off internet access to Athens IMC and 98FM radio station in the first place) was vanished in thin air… calling in sick for the day.

– Comrades got internet connection from within the occupied offices and re-launched 98FM radio on the web, thus broadcasting live online for a while.

– In retaliation for this direct action, state authorities ordered a complete internet shutdown at the academic facilities: this time, they unplugged the internet in the entire Zografou campus of the Athens Polytechnic School. In other words, not only the two self-organized projects, but the whole campus services are left without internet as of yet (16.00 local time). Internet provider in the campus is none other than the telecommunications organization OTE, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom and the Greek State.

– A discussion on further action was scheduled to take place between comrades who are assembled at Zografou campus and those who are yet to arrive at the spot in solidarity.

http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2013/04/15/athens-polytechnic-school-raw-updates-from-the-protest-action-at-zografou-campus/#free_indymedia #indymedia

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