Update on the ongoing cyber attack against athens.Indymedia.org

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 25 from 15.00 to 01.00 after midnight, athens.indymedia.org was practically inactive because of a distributed denial of service attack(DDOS). This was not one of the common attacks that do not particularly affect Athens IMC. On the contrary and during the current attack, dozens of IPs from several European countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Serbia, are involved. Attackers are able to renew their IP addresses’ pool from which they attack Athens Indymedia.

The attack stopped around 1.30 on Tuesday night. It resumed at 22.00 Wednesday evening, June 26, and it actually continues until now. We make everything possible to tackle this problem so Athens Indymedia may work seamlessly. Unfortunately this type of attack is rather organized and advanced, something that limits our potential to intervene.

Administrative Group of

Athens Indymedia